A weekend in Le Touquet
Hello there!

Last week we took our Friday afternoon off to go to Le Touquet, a « posh » station along La Manche. We were very happy to take a break after the terrible events in Paris.

We thought that after Scotland we were ready for any French place but the first day in Le Touquet reminded us our first WE in Edinburgh… we were completely frozen and the weather was pretty bad! Fortunately there was a book festival where we spent a couple of hours and our hotel had an (indoors) swimming pool which was great!

Very cold!

La Touquet is a very pretty city with big and beautiful villas. But the culture is a bit special in the North of France (I’m sure Guillaume will agree) and Anaïs seemed to appreciate it…


Saturday was a busy day and it was very quickly time to go to bed!


Sunday was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the beach!


What else? 
– Charline has lost 2 theeth and la petite souris (our tooth fairy) came twice, Charline was very happy with her first coins and Anaïs was sorry that she had already left when she woke up…

– Since the beginning of November we have a Canadian baby-sitter, so the girls can speak English 3 times a week.

– Charline and Anaïs have been riding a poney during their holidays in October and they really enjoyed it. They are still talking about Curly and Versace!

– We did our Christmas tree today and listened to the Noisy Nativity songs. I was sad not to be with you… Definitely we will be in Edinburgh at the end of February for the French school holidays!

Take care! We miss you!
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